Senator Ed Berger – Kansas District 34, Reno and Kingman Counties

Proud to represent constituents with responsible, experienced leadership
My Background

During my 45-year career in education, culminating with 23 years as President of Hutchinson Community College, I worked with a cross section of people across the community, the region, and the state. Responsiveness and access were essential to the college’s success, as was active communication with all sectors of the community.

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Senator Ed Berger is working every day to improve Kansas and the 34th District regarding issues that are vital to the District and State. Whether it is education, healthcare, or a balanced budget, he will represent your interests in Topeka.

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Ed is active on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, and he sends regular newsletters to those who subscribe. Keep up with what’s happening in Kansas and the Senate by following him through mail and the internet.


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Ed is always interested in constituent ideas and suggestions and would love to hear your comments, questions, and concerns. Also, be sure to follow his regular social media posts on Twitter and Facebook

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We would love to hear your comments, questions, and concerns.
Your donations are appreciated and will be used wisely.
If you share Ed Berger's vision for the future of Kansas, please consider making a monetary contribution.