About Ed

About Ed

SENATOR ED BERGER – Kansas District 34, Reno and Kingman Counties

Ed Berger
 During my 45-year career in education, culminating with 23 years as President of Hutchinson Community College, I worked with a cross section of people across the community, the region, and the state. Responsiveness and access were essential to the college’s success, as was active communication with all sectors of the community. As such, changes at the college reflected the needs and desires of the community.

Consensus decision making was a process utilized in almost anything we did at the college. These same elements are essential for success in the state senate as well.

As a Republican in the Senate I have used the leadership skills I developed during my career to work for you. I have listened to the needs of Reno and Kingman Counties. I have been responsive to your concerns. I have focused on consensus building and collaboration instead of divisiveness and I remain committed to the issues that directly impact affect our region.


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